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I have only done two sessions with Elizabeth so far and the differences I am noticing in my body and wellbeing are dramatic. Elizabeth holds such a safe and supportive container for healing not only physical but emotional trauma."

Can I give Sandpoint Soma/Elizabeth 10 stars instead of 5? This is truly the bodywork I’ve been searching for/craving my entire life. I started going through the Soma series with Elizabeth (as a well as a few sessions with her husband, Jason) back in November 2023, and from session 1, I knew this was going to be a game-changer/life upgrade. The series is so beautifully crafted and Elizabeth is the maestro! I have had a lot of massage and bodywork since I was an athletic teenager, and as a yoga teacher, I am very in tune with, and therefore particular about the work I receive. The journey I have been on with Elizabeth is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. These sessions go deep- think (external)pelvic floor muscles, abdominal releases, and gloved finger up your nose sort of deep. Elizabeth embodies nurturing, respect, and profound healing energy through it all. She communicates through every of step of the way, creating a safe and supportive environment for me to relax and receive. I am learning SO much from this experience and Elizabeth is an absolute gem of a human being.

Karen Lewis, professional mountain biker

“Elizabeth knows exactly what my needs are and can find the root cause of most issues! She has helped me to feel good and meet my personal athletic goals. Not sure what I would do without her! She's amazing!"

Stephen Shrader, Advanced Soma Bodyworker

"Elizabeth is a Soma Neuromuscular Integration master. Deep bodywork that really makes a difference physically, and changes the outlook on life by releasing stuck pain and tissue inside the body. "

Susan Sullivan,

Sandpoint ID

“I am so grateful for Soma treatments with Elizabeth Ruff. She has incredible skill and depth of knowledge, and I always genuinely enjoy the time spent. Fascia work can be intense but somehow we always manage to have lots of laughter and great connection. She makes my life better!.”

Bob L, Former Marine & Chiropractor

“The health benefits from the technique Elizabeth uses are outstanding. I am a 71 year old former Marine and retired Chiropractor. I injured my left shoulder playing football in High School and reinjured it in the early 80's. I thought it was healed until recently I had difficulty putting on my coat. After my first visit I not only had improvement in my shoulders range of motion but the overall feeling of wellness. Thank you Elizabeth!."

Susan Sullivan,

Sandpoint ID

"Elizabeth has a way about her that just makes you feel calm. I have been having some issues with my health and she clued into my body immediately. She figured out where the pain was coming from and addressed it. She listened to me and followed up with how I was doing during my session. My body is recovering because of her and her patience. Highly recommend."

Lisa Driver, MI

Elizabeth made me feel so comfortable from the moment I walked in. She took time to explain the process and some of the sensations that might come up. She spoke gently throughout the session and was sure to communicate what she was "finding". What a wonderful body experience!

Seth C, Sandpoint ID

“If you have body aches that need healing Elizabeth is the one! I have been in need of deep tissue work and no one really was able to help me until she moved to town and openned Soma bodywork. I'm so grateful she is here and look forward to having her take care of me!"

Candice G, Sandpoint ID

"Elizabeth was great! She was warm, welcoming, and made me feel comfortable right away. Just after one session I can notice the difference in how I feel and how my body wants to be carried. I am excited to continue working with her and improving!"

Natalie K, Sound Healer & Artist

“Great great work from Elizabeth! She listened to my experience and body concerns, taught me about my body and how the muscle holds tension and so much more! I feel amazing after! 🙌❤️”
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