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Soma Body Therapy

with Elizabeth Ruff, Advanced Soma Practitioner, LMT, E-RYT500



is Soma & Rolf Structural Integration bodywork with Elizabeth Ruff.

Soma was the first Structural Integration school to form with with blessing of SI founder, Ida Rolf. Created by psychologist Dr. Bill Williams, Soma invites participants to be curious about the multifaceted experience of the effect of structural bodywork. A unique space is held for emotional healing, somatic expression and embodiment coaching. In addition, participants receive benefit in movement patterns, stress reduction, and pain relief.

Elizabeth is an Advanced Certified Soma Structural Integration bodyworker. She has been a massage therapist and yoga teacher since 2002 and brings over 20 years of yoga psychology, Ayurvedic coaching, shamanic healing and tantric meditation to her clients. In addition to deep fascial release and reorganization, Elizabeth offers her clients an online portal to access unique embodiment exercise that support their Soma journey. 

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